Working in Canada as a Business Visitor

Working In Canada As A Business Visitor

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Have you wondered what it's like to work as a business visitor in Canada? What privileges come under a Canada business visitor visa? A business visitor is regarded as someone who visits Canada for international business activity and has his own place of business outside Canada. These people come to Canada without directly being involved in the Canadian Labour Market.

Mostly this businessman comes to extract startup opportunities and to simply meet people with whom their country is doing business. They make use of a business startup visa when marking their visit for investment purposes. Sometimes Canadian Company also invites them to train them in sales, product use, and other business functions. The main advantage of having a business visitor visa is that you don't need a work permit to visit Canada. You can simply use this visa to come and serve your business purposes. However, there is more to the Business Visitor Visa that is discussed below to give you a better idea of how this visa works!

Eligibility to be called a Business Visitor

There are certain things that must come under the eligibility of a foreign national if they wish to conduct their business purpose in Canada. These are also regarded as the eligibility for.

Canada Business Visa

  • The business visitor must show that they intend to stay in Canada for less than six months.
  • They must also prove that they have no intention to enter the Canadian Labour Market.
  • Proof of having their main source of income and business outside of Canada
  • Have all the documents required in the application?
  • They must meet the basic entry requirement by the Canadian government.
Many businessmen have some special purposes for visiting Canada as Business Visitors. They get themselves enrolled for a business investment visa and invest in their desired Company after due research. However, they must also meet the basic entry requirement by the Canadian government, which is the same even for Business visitors. Here is a detailed description of the entry conditions required.

Entry Requirements for Business Visitor Visa

  • Having all the valid travel documents like passport etc.
  • Proof of having sufficient funds to cover your stay in Canada and return home.
  • They must have the plan to leave Canada once their purpose is served.
  • Proof of a clean record, no frauds, and health risks!
These same basic entry requirements are also followed in the case of a Canada investor visa. Once people are aware of the purpose of the visit and the right visa for it, then they can easily apply for it. The eligibility and basic requirements of a business visitor visa are helpful in checking your eligibility and making sure that you know what you are applying for, and the necessary documents required in it. Get your own Business Visitor to benefit from all the privileges that the Canadian government offers!

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