Everything You Need to Know About Canadian Dual Citizenship

Everything You Need To Know About Canadian Dual Citizenship

By: Emily Wilson

Canadian dual citizenship presents an exciting opportunity to navigate life on multiple paths. It comes with numerous benefits, such as visa-free travel, improved options for tax planning, and enhanced asset protection. But you might think what is Canadian dual citizenship actually and how can you get that? No more worries because you are in the right place! We, at Credas Migrations, are here to provide you with migration services. So, before anything else, let us discuss the concept of Canadian dual citizenship.

What is Canadian Dual Citizenship?

Having Canadian dual citizenship means you simultaneously hold citizenship in Canada and UAE. Often, getting dual citizenship involves obeying a defined legal procedure, which includes submitting an application, meeting Canadian citizenship eligibility, undergoing a test, and completing the fee submission. It is known that about 49% of the world’s nations allow dual or second citizenship and Canada is one of them.
Canadian Citizenship

What are Pros and Cons of Canadian Dual Citizenship?

As is true of any situation, everything has pros and cons. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of Canadian dual citizenship. 


The advantages of Canadian dual citizenship include the following:
  • Residing and working in either nation
  • Possessing property in either nation
  • Securing passports for both countries
  • Having voting rights in both countries


The possible disadvantages of Canadian dual citizenship include the following:
  • Facing taxation in both nations.
  • Being under the jurisdiction of both countries, such as laws about military obligations.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Criteria

The dual citizenship requirements to be fulfilled when applying for the Canadian citizen visa are as follows:
  • A minimum of 67 points is required for eligibility in Canada's Express Entry program.
  • Language Fluency in either English or French is necessary.
  • At least two years of full-time work experience is mandatory. 
  • Adequate funds to support your immigration application.
  • Health and character certificates.
  • Educational credibility assessment.

How to Apply for Canadian Citizen Visa? 

Here is the process to apply for a Canadian citizen visa:
  • Step 1: Collect all relevant educational documents and apply for the Educational Credibility Assessment.
  • Step 2: Establish a profile with Express Entry by completing all profile details.
  • Step 3: Aim to meet the most recent Express Entry Draw Score and receive an application for a Canadian citizen visa.
  • Step 4: Submit visa fees and all necessary documents within the given 60-day timeframe.
  • Step 5: Upon receiving notification of your visa approval, submit your passport for stamping at the nearest Embassy.

Benefits of Hiring Canadian Dual Citizenship or Second Citizenship Consultants

Here are some of the benefits of hiring second citizenship consultants:
  • Specialised Knowledge
  • Personalised Guidance
  • Increased Chances of Success
  • Complete Professional Assistance
  • Peace of Mind in Canadian Citizen Visa Process 
In conclusion, understanding Canadian dual citizenship is important. Knowing its procedures, benefits, requirements, and eligibility lets you determine if dual citizenship is right for you. By carefully examining the dual citizenship requirements and outcomes, you can make the best choice.