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Quick and Easy Immigration From Dubai To Germany!

Want to relocate to Germany from your native country? Then Credas Migrations is there to assist. The country Germany is popular for being one of the ideal destinations to move to. Germany is a great destination for investors because it is highly advanced in terms of technology.

Germany has offered abundant opportunities to those from various parts of the globe, like India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, etc. In this country, you can find the best job and reside with your family permanently. This is the perfect chance for you to make a career abroad.

As the immigration procedure can be daunting and complicated, all you require is the assistance of the most reputed consultancy like Credas Migrations. We can aid you in having a smooth and easy relocation to Germany from your home country.

We offer the clients the most exclusive service and ensure no delays or errors during the migration procedure. At Credas Migrations, we carry out everything from offering the right assistance to attaining immigration approval to leaving the clients stress-free from the complicated procedures.

Germany Immigration Consultants

The Best Things About Moving To Germany

Moving to Germany can bring lots of benefits, but the best one is that you get the same or somewhat similar privileges as the actual residents. Here is a list of the benefits of being a German resident:

You can easily access other European nations.

You don’t have to worry about income taxation or net worth.

Your family members can submit an application for PR if they wish to.

You can even get access to free healthcare and education.

Various types of Germany Visa

Job Seeker Visa

This is a long-term residence permit, meaning it lets you stay in Germany for only 6 months. Throughout this period, you can seek a job within Germany. After 6 months, if a company has appointed you, then you would be granted a German work visa.

PR visa

A German PR visa lets the immigrants reside within Germany for an indefinite period. However, it is very much different from becoming a German passport holder or citizen.

Those from EU or EEA countries don’t need to apply for a PR visa as they already have the right to reside and work in Germany. However, the nationals of non-EU, non-EEA, and UK can apply for this visa after living in Germany for a period of 5 years.

Study Visa

As there is a growing number of students moving to Germany, study visas are becoming very popular. If you are a student and want to continue your studies in Germany, then you have to first obtain a German study visa from a German embassy/consulate in your native country. Based on your home country, you can also be excused from requiring a visa.

Federal Trade Worker Program

The federal trade worker program helps individuals with special skills and talents to get a permanent residency visa in Germany.

The requirement of the program is that the individual should have completed at least two years of work experience in a skilled trade within five years from the date of application.

No education requirement is required for the federal skilled trade program. But it helps the applicants to have a better chance of success.