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Relocating to New Zealand made easy through Credas Migrations

Making a move to another country, be it on a temporary basis or permanently, and starting a new life, acclimatising oneself to a whole new environment can be a very challenging task to undertake both physically and mentally. With Credas Migrations to assist you in making this transition to a new country, you can be assured that all the processes involved in you moving to New Zealand will be extremely easy and seamless.

New Zealand has always been an attractive destination for students, business people and a beautiful and peaceful country for people to retire to permanently. However, complications may arise in the process of migration and acquiring visa approval for your entry in the country, which can be overwhelming for people without a professional to handle the migration procedure. This is where Credas Migrations comes in, to provide you with all the required services and professional expertise to make your move to New Zealand as smooth and stress free as possible.

New Zealand Immigration Consultants

Benefits of moving to New Zealand

When it comes to the benefits of moving to New Zealand, you will find there is no shortage of reasons for you to relocate to the beautiful country. As per Gallup’s recently published Net Potential Migration Index, not surprisingly enough, New Zealand topped the list as the most sought country for people to move to.

Here are some of the major benefits of moving to New Zealand -

It is a beautiful country with most scenic and magnificent views and landscapes as reflected in the movies - The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Secondly, New Zealand offers a very high quality of life, where you can balance your personal life and professional life to the optimal level. In fact the country was ranked second globally in the category of ‘work-life balance’ in a survey conducted by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey in 2018.

The country offers fantastic job opportunities in an array of different fields, where skilled occupations are paid comparatively more. So if you are looking to migrate to New Zealand for better job opportunities, Credas Migrations advises you to have your qualification certificates, your job references and CV all in order before your arrival in New Zealand.

Types of available New Zealand visas

Depending on one’s preference and needs New Zealand offers various different types of visas, the most sought and popular ones being -

Working holiday visa

This type of visa allows for people to relocate to New Zealand to work for a period of 1 year.

Essential Skills visa

This type of visa will allow you to move to New Zealand to work under a particular employer for a maximum duration of 5 years.

Work to Residence

If you want to move to New Zealand not just for work but on a permanent basis, then this form visa will suit you the best.

Skilled Migrant Visa

This visa can be categorised as a permanent resident visa, provided you work or your job skill matches the profile of jobs that is needed or in demand in New Zealand.

Moving or relocating to New Zealand may prove to be trying at times, however, with Credas Migrations to make all the arrangements and take care of the necessary paperworks involved, the process involved will be easy and straightforward. And once you arrive in New Zealand, everything will be worth it.