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GCC Countries to South Africa For Work; Not Hard At All

If you are thinking about your future in South Africa, then you can vouch for us for the best support. Today, moving to South Africa has become really easy. Besides migration, it is also very easy to find employment in this country, credits to industrialization and modernization. In case you have plans to work, start a business, or invest in any business here, you need to know every guideline and info related to migration and work visa procedures.

As the relocation process can be a bit complex, all you want is the best migration consultant that can help you in almost every stage. The best migration experts can aid you in having stress-free immigration to South Africa from your native country.

South Africa Immigration Consultants

Essential Skills for a South African Work Visa

Do you have any extraordinary talent? If yes, then it’s very easy for you to get a critical skills work visa for SA. In case you don’t have an employment offer letter, you’ll get the critical skills work visa for just 1 year. But, if you already hold an employment offer letter, you’ll attain your critical skills work visa for a minimum of 5 years.

As you are issuing your visa application, you need to bear in mind that your docs will only be accepted if it’s a machine-readable travel document. You must know that a passport with an extended period is not permitted and it needs to have a minimum of 2 blank pages for you to get either an arrival or departure stamp.

At Credas Migrations, ensure that we offer you the best help when applying for the visa, and afterward follow-up with the position of your application procedure.

We do not just know the ins and outs of the migration process for South Africa, but we also have good industry experience regarding the same. That’s the reason we can say without hesitation that we are complete experts in this domain and are well-versed in all aspects of the SA immigrating procedure, be it the visa process or the migration rules and regulations.

Different type of Visas for South Africa

1. Visitors and Tourist Visas

The visitors or tourist visa for South Africa is available for all foriegn nationals seeking to visit the country for leisure, travel or a vacation. The validity or the length of stay provided by this visa depends on whether the visa applicant is from a visa-restricted or a visa-exempt country. For the applicants from a visa-restricted country, the validity of visa is 90 days, and for applicants from a visa-exempt country the validity of the visa is 30 days.

2. Study Visa

The study visa allows for students who are minors from all over the world to come and study in one of the educational institutions in South Africa. The study visa is applicable to all minors of foreign origin seeking education at a university or another academic institution in the country.

3. Retirement Visa

The retirement visa is issued exclusively for visa applicants seeking to relocate to South Africa to live a relaxed and retired life. These individuals will not be looking for employment, further academic pursuits or voluntary activities.

4. Family and Partner Visas

The family and partner visas are especially designed for South African nationals, long-term visa holders and people with holding permanent residences. This visa makes it feasible for them to be accompanied by the partner or spouse to children below the age of 21 years.

5. Work Visas

The work visa is intended for people seeking to take up work or employment in South Africa. The different categories for work for which an individual can apply for a work visa in South Africa includes -

  • Critical Skill Work Visa
  • Intra-Company Transfer or ICT Work Visa
  • Short Term Work Visa
  • Corporate Work Visa
  • General Work Visa
6. Business Investment Visa

The Business Investment Visa allows for a foriegn national to invest, work and set of residence in South Africa upon their successful business investment in the country. This visa is tailored to cater for individuals seeking to open and operate their own business within the country and overtime looking to reside permanently in South Africa.