US Green Card Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

US Green Card Through The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

By: Emily Wilson

Since 1995, under the name of DV-1, organised by the Immigration Act of 1990, the US government has started a permanent Diversity Visa programme to invite immigrants from all across the globe on a lottery basis.
As per the INA (Immigration and Nationality Act), the US government is offering 55,000 visas annually with the aim of diversifying the population of the country. So, now is your turn to grab your visa via the lottery under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Programme.

Green Card Visa Via Lottery 

If you’re wondering, “Can I immigrate via lottery?" then the answer is yes! The US has opened its border for immigration via the Green Card lottery. Each year, the US receives 11 million applications for lottery visas. Although the US government prefers immigrants with a low migration rate. 
 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program
However, you have your chance to apply and get selected if you fulfil the eligibility criteria for the visa allotment programme. Also, it is advisable not to fall into the trap of agencies claiming to get you the Green Card Visa via lottery. You can apply for the same on the website of the Department of States. 

Eligibility for Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

To find your name among the winners of the DV lottery 2024 results, you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria laid out by the US government for selecting visa applicants.
  • You should have been selected for the Diversity Visa by the DOS lottery.
  • Keep an immigrant permit readily available for submitting a change of status application (Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status).
  • Should be eligible to get accepted under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Process of Application and Required Documents

To get your visa through the US Green Card lottery, you need to go through the application process, which includes:
  • Begin by filling out Form I-485 (it is mandatory to do so).
  • You need to submit two recently clicked passport-size photos.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • A passport (validated by the Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Form I-94, entry, and leaving log.
  • Print of the primary applicant's acceptance statement for the diversity visa lottery by DOS.
  • Copy of the payment receipt submitted to DOS.
  • Form I-601: Appeal for Exemption of Causes of Ineligibility if necessary.

Other Terms and Conditions for US Green Card Visa

There is some additional information that you must know about the diversity visa lottery conducted by the US Immigration Department. It says:
  • Diversity visa recipients are required to finish the modification of designation procedure by September 30 of the financial year in which the draw was held. Visas won't be rolled over into the following financial years. 
Bottom Line 
The US Green Card Lottery is launched by the government to welcome immigrants from all parts of the world for diversification. Once you win the lottery, you can start a new and happening life in the US.