New Zealand Raises Visa Requirements for Foreign Job Seekers

New Zealand Raises Visa Requirements For Foreign Job Seekers

By: Emily Wilson

To stop the unsustainable immigration in New Zealand, the visa authority has increased the stakes for foreign job seekers. According to the authority, “getting the immigration setting right is critical for the sustainable development of the economy.”
Last year, New Zealand welcomed a total of 173,000 people under a job visa, which is quite a huge number. Considering this, New Zealand tightens the work visa policy for job seekers. Hence, this policy sets a new benchmark for job-seeking foreigners. 
 Work Visa Permit for New Zealand
However, despite having a raised requirement for visa approval, the New Zealand government has decided to add 11 professions to the Green List who will get work visas easily.

Changes Made by New Zealand Government for the Foreign Job Seeker

Since the New Zealand work visa requirements have changed, it is important for you to keep a keen eye on these changes to avoid rejection of your foreign Job Seeker a Visa Application.
  • The level for English language proficiency has been elevated to level 4 and Level 5 for the Amateurish job roles.
  • The class of franchise validation will also be dissolved, and enterprises will be obliged to undergo conventional, substantial, or tripartite recruitment approval procedures when hiring international workers.
  • The new laws may certainly render things difficult for Indians, but migrants who aspire to settle to pursue careers in New Zealand will have better opportunities. 

Impact of These Changes on the Foreign Job Seekers

The new work visa rules in New Zealand have significantly increased the challenges for foreign job seekers all across the globe. How will it impact you? Let's understand.
  • The New Zealand government has reduced the job visa permit time from 5 years to 3 years, thus shortening your career in New Zealand.
  • The level of English proficiency has increased, which will be challenging for foreigners who are not skilled in English.
  • You need to have experience for at least 5 years in your job before your arrival in New Zealand.
  • You should have a strong academic background as well as a strong work profile; otherwise, it won't be easy for you to get approval.
  • Less applicants are likely to apply because of the stricter Job Visa application rules, which impact their career plan. 

Impacts of Job Visa Policy Change on the New Zealand Economy 

As per the official opinion, the new rules for work visas will have some unintended detrimental effect on New Zealand's economy. He said that the new tightened visa policy will discourage foreign job seekers from flying down to New Zealand in search of jobs, which will encourage them to go to other countries, hurting the business and economy of New Zealand.

Bottom Line

Although the New Zealand work permit visa stake has increased, there is always a possibility. So don't sit back and apply for the job visa today.