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Different Types of US Visas

Among the different types of US Visas for Indian citizens, the most commonly applied US Visas comprises the following.

1. Business or Tourist Visa

The two types of US visas offered by the US Consulate under Business and Tourist visa are B-1 visa and B-2 visa.

B-1 Visa

The B-1 visa is mostly provided for people traveling to the US for business purposes. This includes attending business, education, scientific conventions or for the purpose of negotiating or settling contracts relating to estates.

B-2 Visa

The B-2 Visa is mostly intended for people visiting the country for pleasure or for those seeking medical treatment. This visa includes activities such as tourism, visiting family, friends and relatives, and for social visits.

Most of the time the B-1 and B-2 visas are combined as and issued a one Visa. When applying for a US tourist or business visa, you have to provide the US Consulate with your proof of residence, the period of your stay in the country, and provide them with a proof of your financial status as evidence that you will be able to cover your expenses while in the country.

2. Work Visa

In order to apply for a work visa to be allowed to enter the country for work purposes on a temporary basis, you will be required to show relevant paperworks regarding the kind of work you will be engaged in while in the country. Indian applicants of H, L, O, P and Q will have to get their work visa requisition approved on their behalf by the USCIS (United States Citizenship And Immigration Services).

The two forms that need to be filed and approved for a US work visa are Form I-129 and Form I-797. Before applying for a US work visa, the Form I-129 must be approved by the US Consulate. Following the approval of this form, your potential employer in the US will receive Form I-797, which will serve as your work visa requisition’s approval notification. While attending your interview at the US Consulate, you will be required to show both the forms to the consulate officials.

The different categories of US work visas that you can apply for include -

H1-B Visa

This H1-B Visa is generally issued to speciality occupations. In order to be eligible to apply for this visa, the minimum requirement for the applicant is to have a Bachelor's degree in a specific field of expertise. It will be up to the USCIS to determine whether your application for H1-B Visa qualifies for a specialty occupation, and if you have the qualifications required to perform the required services.

On the employer side of things, your potential employer will be required to file a labor condition petition with the US Department of Labor regarding the terms and conditions of your employer employee contact.

H1-B1 Visa

The H1-B1 Visa refers to a US work visa on a temporary basis. This type of US work visa is especially provided for applicants from countries like Singapore and Chile.To be able to apply for this visa the applicants must already have a job offer from a US employer.

H-2A Visa

The H-2A Visa is for Seasonal Agricultural Workers. This US work visa allows employers to hire and bring in foreign labor to fill in for the agricultural workforce that is in short supply in the US. In order to bring the agricultural workers into the country, the employer must first file the Form I-129 requisition on your the worker’s behalf. People of Indian origin are not eligible to apply for the H-2A Visa.

H-2B Visa

The H-2B Visa is for skilled and unskilled workers. This US visa grants workers of foreign origin temporary work permits for seasonal jobs to meet the shortage of US workforce. People of Indian origin are not eligible to apply for the H-2B Visa.

H-3 Visa

The H-3 Visa is meant for trainees, that is people entering the country for training purposes in a given field of specialization. This training is provided by an employer and the maximum stay period for this visa is 2 years. There is a scope of receiving payment by the trainees, however, the training cannot be used to provide for productive employment.

H-4 Visa

The H-4 Visa is for dependents of people holding a US H visa. The dependents, spouses or unmarried children under the age of 21 years, of H visa holders can apply for the H-4 Visa so that they may be able to accompany you to the US. However, these dependents will not be permitted work while in the country.

L-1 Visa

The L-1 Visa is for an employee of a multinational company seeking transfer to the US on a temporary basis. The qualification criteria for this visa requires the applicant to have a job role at the managerial or executive level with specialized knowledge in his or her field of work or the post that the person will hold in the US branch. In addition, the applicant must have been with the parent company for a period of 1 year and within 3 years before applying for the L-1 Visa.

L-2 Visa

The L-2 Visa is for dependents of people holding a US L visa. The dependents, spouses or unmarried children under the age of 21 years, of L visa holders can apply for the L-2 Visa. If the spouse of a L visa holder wants to seek employment in the country, it will require the submission of Form I-765 along with the application fee. However, the children will not be permitted to seek employment or work in the US.

Type O Visa

The Type O Visa is for those individuals possessing extraordinary talent in arts, science, education, business and in the field of sports. This visa also includes people with extraordinary talent in making and production of motion pictures and television.

Type P Visa

The Type P Visa is mainly for support personnels for athletes, entertainers, artists and other talents who come to perform in the country.

Type Q Visa

The Type Q Visa is for people entering the country to participate in international cultural exchange programs. To apply for this visa, the applicant or applicant’s sponsor must file the requisition for the visa, which then needs to be approved by the USCIS.

Student Visa

To apply for a student visa, the foreign applicant must first be accepted by the particular US educational facility or the program. Once accepted, the applicant will be provided with all the relevant and necessary documents required to be submitted when applying for a student visa. The student applicants can apply for the student visa within 120 days from the start date of I-20, following the approval of which, they can travel to the US within 30 days from the start date of I-20.

The different type of student visa offered by the US Consulate are -

F-1 Visa

The F-1 Visa are for those student applicants who wish to take part in academic pursuits in US approved schools or in English language programs. This visa is required if your academic course exceeds 18 hours a week. The F-1 Visa is issued to foreign students seeking to attend public secondary schools in the US.

M-1 Visa

The M-1 Visa is issued to those student applicants who are seeking to pursue a non-academic vocational training in the US.

People holding A, E, H-4, F-2, G, J-2, L-2 and M-2 or any other Non-Immigrant US Visas can get their children enrolled in US public secondary and elementary schools.

Students who leave the US soil while on a vacation or a break for over 5 months may lose their F-1 and M-1 visa status, if their leave of absence from the country is not related to their course.

3. Exchange Visitor Visa

The US Exchange Visitor Visa allows for foreign nationals to enter the United States to participate in exchange programs. However, before applying for the exchange visa, the applicant’s participation in the exchange program needs to be accepted and approved by the authorized and designated sponsor of the exchange program.

The exchange visitor or applicant is issued a US J-Visa that is specifically designed for the promotion of exchange and flow of knowledge and skills in various fields.

The participants of the exchange program includes, but is not limited to the following

  • Professor and Teachers
  • Students at academic levels
  • Research scholars
  • Professional trainees
  • Exchange Visitors entering the country for travel, consultation and research purposes.
4. Ship Crew or Transit Visa

The two different type of US Visas issued for the purposes of transit or ship crew in include -

Transit C Visa

The Transit C Visa is issued to foreign nationals who are traveling to another country while passing through the US soil. If the foreign nationals wish to visit family or friends while making their transit through the country, then they will be required to seek layover visa privileges. For the layover visa privileges, they must qualify to obtain a US B-2 visa.

Crew D Visa

The Crew D Visa is issued to a member of a crew serving on an aircraft or a sea vessel. Generally, the members of the crew use the combination of both the transit and the Crew Visa C-1 or D.

In case the crew member is serving on a vessel that is within the Outer Continental Shelf, then the crew member is eligible for a modified B-1 Visa in place of the Crew Visa. The crew member of a sea vessel or an aircraft entering the country during their breaks or time offs between cruises or flights are required to obtain either a B-1 or a B-2 Visa.

5. Religious Worker Visa

The Religious Worker Visa or the R-Type Visa is issued to those visa applicants who wish to enter the country and work in a religious capacity. The R-type US visa is issued on a temporary basis. The definition of religious worker when applying for an R-type visa is a designated religious person authorized to conduct religious activities by an internationally recognized religious entity or institution.

6. Domestic Employee Visa

The domestic employee visa or the B-1 Visa is issued to domestic help or personnels employed by US citizens. The criteria for domestic employees include -

  • Housemaids
  • Valets
  • Footmen
  • Cooks
  • Butlers
  • Chauffeurs
  • Nannies
  • Mother' helpers
  • Gardeners
  • Paid companions

If the domestic help happens to be employed by a foreign diplomat or government official, then these employees will be eligible for A-3 or G-5 US visas.

7. Journalist or Media Visa

The Media (1) Visa issued to foreign nationals who are engaged in media and journalism. This visa is issued on a temporary basis which allows professionals to enter the country and engage in media related and journalistic activities. However, for the approval of the visa, their reference must come from the home office of the foreign country.

Some additional type of US Visas

Visitor’s Visa

The US Visitor’s Visa is issued to a foreign national if the applicant is the visiting or entering the country for the following purposes -

  • Attending a conference or a meeting
  • Guest lecture
  • Engaging in academic activities
  • Purchasing media equipment
  • Vacation

Visitor’s Visa

Temporary work Visa is issued is issued to foreign national traveling to the country for the following activities:

  • To film material for commercial entertainment or for advertising
  • Proofreaders, librarians and set designers
  • Staged events, television and quiz shows
  • To produce artistic media content