Want to Immigrate to New Zealand and Apply for an Investor Visa?

Want To Immigrate To New Zealand And Apply For An Investor Visa?

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You need to apply for New Zealand Investor Visa if you wish to invest in settling in New Zealand. You can easily invest 3,00,000 NZ dollars within 4 years. The investment should always be acceptable in lawful companies or managed funds. You can make a commercial return if it has the potential to contribute to the country's economy. Lastly, it would help if you remembered that the investment should only be made in New Zealand dollars. You cannot invest in properties for personal use, like a boat, home, or car.

Once you decide to get going with the immigration to New Zealand, you need to understand how you can invest in New Zealand.

What Can You Invest In?

The investment can be made in one, or even more combinations of the bonds issued by the government, or the local authorities of the companies traded on the New Zealand debt securities markets are the companies with at least BBB or similar rating registered bank or finance companies. It can also be philanthropic investment equity in the New Zealand companies or registered banks New Zealand eligible venture capital funds Angel investor funds residential property development provided the purpose of the development is to make a commercial return, and it is not for personal use. You can also invest in commercial property.

New Zealand Investor Visa
You have to invest at least $7,50,000 in growth investment. You can qualify for the reduction of $0.5 million of the investment if you invest a minimum of$15,00,000 in growth investment. You can also qualify for at least 20 bonus points toward the citizenship approval. It is all available under an investor visa for New Zealand.

When you become an investor in New Zealand, you would be required to spend a minimum timeline in New Zealand, which is around 146 days in each of the past 3 years of the 4-year investment or around 483 days over the past 3 years of the 4-year investment plan. The visa allows you to stay eternally if you keep the investment for at least 4 years, per the latest New Zealand Immigration news.

You can also include family dependence in the application, like your children and spouse. You can change the residence status to a permanent one once the investment has been kept for around 4 years.

Requirements for New Zealand Investor Visa:

  • It would be best if you were at least 65 years old or under.
  • You have to give all the evidence that you have assets are the funds to invest, like the bank statement, title deeds, property, or asset valuation.
  • You have to show the evidence that shows the funds earned lawfully, like the tax returns, business shareholdings pay slips, etc. You can also show proof of 3 years of recognized business experience like the certificate of company incorporation, job description performance reviews, etc.
Transfer the investment funds to New Zealand as per the investor visa news.