Why does Canada Need Immigrants?

Why Does Canada Need Immigrants?

By: Emily Wilson

In the recent Canada immigration news, Canada recently unveiled its Immigration Levels Plan for the years 2023–2025. In 2023, the country plans to take in 465,000 new Canada immigrants. In 2024, the goal will increase to 485,000 new immigrants. By 2025, there will be 500,000 more immigrants.

The Immigration Levels Plan determines the number of immigrants Canada hopes to accept every year. Growing the economy, reuniting families, and providing a home to refugees abroad are among immigration to Canada objectives.

There are three categories under which Canada immigrants are accepted and these are the economic class, family class, and refugee and humanitarian class.

One of the biggest issues is the aging population and low birth rate. The skilled workers are accepted under the economic class to maintain Canada's high living standards. In order to support its labour force and economic expansion, Canada needs these skilled workers. These highly skilled workers arrive with a strong command of the language, employment history, education, and a drive for success. As a result, they are essential to Canada's efforts to promote economic development and social services like universal health care and education.

Through family sponsorship, the second-largest immigrant class enters the country. Strong families are the foundation of Canadian society and its economy, so Canada welcomes the loved ones of its citizens and permanent residents. Families are given the emotional support they require to thrive in Canada's society and economy when their immediate family is given permission to establish a life there.

The third-largest class is welcomed for humanitarian and refugee reasons. Canada has a long history of exhibiting humanitarian leadership since the end of World War II. As one of the world's most privileged countries, Canada has a moral obligation to provide safety to those fleeing persecution and other hardships.
Canada Immigrants
In the Canada Visa news, it has been stated that until the current Liberal administration took office in 2015, Canada issues about 260,000 immigrants visas annually. Before the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, the targets were raised to 300,000 and then 340,000. In 2020, it was challenging for the IRCC to process applications due to border closures and other travel restrictions. Nevertheless, Canada exceeded its goal for immigration in 2021 and invited 405,000 more permanent residents than ever before.

People who want to immigrate to Canada are probably already aware that the immigration process isn't always clear and simple. You require the advice of Canada visa consultants to obtain the temporary or permanent legal status you require, whether you are a foreign investor, an international student, or even have a loved one in Canada with whom you wish to reunite. They will help you file the Canada visa application and every step afterward until you get the approval, and the relocation process starts. Additionally, unless something is beyond our control, they won't make you wait or pay another dime.

Hence, it is imperative to contact Canada immigration consultants who can help you and guide you throughout the procedure, given that immigration standards and laws are constantly changing, challenging to understand, and difficult to follow. They offer professional face-to-face assistance to ensure you perform best when speaking with Canadian immigration.