Should I Enter Canada Express Entry Pool Now?

Should I Enter Canada Express Entry Pool Now?

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As per Canada immigration news, express entry attractions will grow as long as Canada strives to accept a significant number of immigrants. If you are wondering whether you should enter the express entry visa or not, then this is a valid question, and you are not alone. Canada is looking forward to welcoming the maximum number of immigrants in its history to support the post-pandemic economic recovery. Canada is looking forward to welcoming more than 4,00,000 immigrants every year as per the 2021 to 2023 immigration plan, and Canada express entry draw is one of them.

Express Entry immigration is one of the significant ways that Canada processes all skilled worker applications. At least 60% of new immigrants would enter Canada with experienced employees. As per normal circumstances, most people who immigrate successfully to Canada do it through the Express Entry program, the skilled Federal worker program.

The other immigrants falling under the category of express entry pool generally came through the Canadian experience class federal skilled trades program and provincial nominee program.

The immigration refugees and citizenship Canada throughout 2021 have issued only express entry invitations to Canadian experience class and provincial nominee program applicants. It is the only reason most candidates are currently in Canada and are not likely to encounter any pandemic-related disruptions, including travel delays which will impact the ability to complete the permanent residency process.

At the same time, several federal skilled worker program applicants are waiting for express entry points so that immigration refugees and citizenship Canada can resume issuing invitations to apply.

Canada Express Entry
No one knows when immigration refugees' citizenship in Canada will resume invitations to apply to the federal skilled worker program applicants.

As per the Canada visa consultants, it is challenging to predict anything regarding express entry because it gives an advantage only to the highest-scoring applicants and is responsive to the needs of Canadian provinces besides employers. It has become pretty unpredictable since the previous year, mainly due to the unpredictable nature of this pandemic.

Express entry draw is one of the significant illustrations as of 13th February 2021. Immigration refugees citizenship Canada without any warning had drawn and issued 27,332 invitations to apply.

Being in This Pool Allows You to Receive the Provincial Nomination Invitation

The Canada immigration consultants suggest you have an extra 600 CRS points once your provincial invitation results are accepted. It will guarantee that you will receive the invitation to apply for express entry. You can use it to receive the provincial nomination certificate if you get an invitation. You can then notify the IRCC that you have received the certification, which will lead to extra 600 points and the probability of getting an ITA of the permanent residence with the next express entry draw, which considers the PNP candidates.