How to Avoid Student Visa Processing Time Delay for UK?

How To Avoid Student Visa Processing Time Delay For UK?

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When you apply for a UK visa, your wish is that it should be completed quickly. There are definitive time limits within which the home office processes the visa applications if the conditions favour the applicant and application. But sometimes, you may face some problems which cause delays to your application. 

The delay in UK visas inconveniences students, tourists, and businesses. Even now, UK Student Visa Consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE, are highlighting that student visas are taking 3 weeks to process to get their visa, which causes frustration in the students. Even some students have highlighted this delay on different social media platforms. 

What Should You Do to Avoid Student Visa Delays?

As these delays get highlighted on different online platforms, the government officials of the UK suggested that they apply for the visas as soon as possible to prevent any delay. 

UK Study Visa Consultants
To avoid any delay in getting a UK visa, the practical aspect you can do is apply under the priority or super-priority assistance. However, these services have been suspended for work, family and study visas by the government of the UK. Now all you can do is apply for your visa as soon as possible. In addition, be ready with additional documentation such as an ATAS certificate, TB test, and proof of finance. 

As there are always a great number of student visa applications during the summer season, it is suggested that you apply for your visa as soon as possible to avoid any hesitation. 

It has been suggested by the administration of the UK to apply for the visa from June to July instead of August. This step will be beneficial for you to prevent any uncertainty.

How can You Apply for A Student Visa in the UK to Avoid Delay?

Study Visa Consultants for the UK will help you in every step during this application process. Here are a few steps you should follow to get a visa on time.
  • In six months' advance, apply for it.
  • Fulfil your documents and biometrics to the visa application centre.
  • Wait for their decision regarding your submitted application.
  • When they accept your application, collect your passport. 

Documents That You Need to Submit?

At the time of application submission, you need to submit some documents, which are as:
  • Current running passport or any other valid journey document.
  • From your course, confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) is required.
  • Financial proof that you can support yourself and can bear all expenditures of your course.
  • ATAS certificate if your nationality and course expect it.
  • If you are under 18, a valid consent proof of parents or guardians.
  • If you are under 18, evidence of your association with parents or guardians.
  • Results of TB Test.
If you have received any support for your course fees and living costs, written proof from your sponsor is necessary.