5 New Rules in Australia Student Visa Policy Overhaul

5 New Rules In Australia Student Visa Policy Overhaul

By: Emily Wilson

Are you among those who are considering pursuing your goals of a higher education in Australia? It's possible that the regulations pertaining to student visas have sent you on a wild ride of uncertainty and confusion. 

We hear you! Fear not, we are here to explain the most recent changes in rules to Australia's student visa rules and make the process go smoothly.
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List of 5 New Rules

Simplified Visa Subclasses

The days of trying to figure out different visa subclasses, such as Subclass 500, 590, or 485, are long gone. By simplifying the visa classifications, the new policy is a big relief.  The number of categories has decreased, which makes it simpler to determine which one best suit your needs.

Extended Work Rights

For all you hustlers out there, this is going to revolutionise the game! International students' rights to work are expanded by the new rules for Australia student visa. Up to 40 hours of employment per fortnight can now be done while pursuing your education, providing you with more chances to make extra money and experience Australian culture. Not only that, but you can work as many hours as you like during semester breaks. 

Increased Post-Study Work Opportunities

Consider this: you just finished your degree in Australia and are eager to get some hands-on experience. Good news! The new policy provides graduates with extended post-study employment rights, allowing them to stay and work in Australia for up to four years, depending on their qualifications. Isn’t that amazing?

Enhanced Regional Opportunities

If you've ever wanted to explore the Australian outback or drink up the laid-back atmosphere of regional communities, this is your opportunity! The new policy encourages students to study in regional areas by providing additional migration points. You not only get to experience the authentic Australian lifestyle, but you also increase your chances of obtaining permanent residency in the future. 

Streamlined Application Process

The updated policy streamlines the application procedure, which makes obtaining a Student Visa easier and faster. You can now spend more time planning your Australian journey and less time worrying about paperwork because of the streamlined documentation requirements and expedited processing times.

Wrapping Up
The recent adjustments made by Australia student visa rules are welcome news for prospective international students. With more post-study choices, longer employment periods, and lower visa classes, this is the ideal time to pursue your academic objectives in Australia.

Remember that while comprehending visa regulations might seem challenging at first, everything can be resolved amicably with the right information and assistance.

Cheers to fresh starts and limitless opportunities!