5 Steps Involved in Acquiring Canada Visa Through Express Entry

5 Steps Involved In Acquiring Canada Visa Through Express Entry

By: Emily Wilson


Obtaining permanent residence in Canada is challenging yet rewarding for an immigrant. The Canada Express entry program points-based immigration system allows the government to actively recruit, assess and select skilled immigrants under specific economic immigration programs.

Entering the Express Entry Pool with Your Profile

To participate in the Canada Express Entry program and have a chance to apply for Canadian permanent residence, you need to follow these steps:

●          Build Your Express Entry Profile and Enter the Express Entry Pool
●          Provide Comprehensive Information
●          Boost Your CRS Score
●          Wait for Express Entry Draws
●          Stay Persistent and Patient

Canada Express Entry Program

Apply for Provincial Nomination

To enhance your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply and improve your Comprehensive Ranking System score in the Canada PNP program, obtaining a provincial nomination is vital in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry. The provincial nominee program for Canada enables provinces and territories to nominate individuals aspiring to immigrate to Canada and settle in specific provinces.

●          Check Your Eligibility
●          Submit an Expression of Interest
●          Apply for Nomination
●          Accept the Nomination
●          Update Your Express Entry Profile

Check for Express Entry Draw Invitations to Apply

After entering the Canada Express Entry Pool, you must patiently await an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The Canada Express entry draw is conducted regularly, ranking candidates based on a points system, and those with the highest rankings receive invitations to apply for permanent residence.
  • Monitor Express Entry draws for frequency and anticipated dates (typically every 2 to 3 weeks).
  • Keep your Express Entry profile updated and accurate, especially regarding points factors like language test scores, education, work experience, job offer, and nomination.
  • The number of invitations issued in each draw can vary, with early year draws often issuing more invitations.
  • If you meet the minimum points requirement but have not received an invitation due to the invitation cap, your points remain valid for 12 months in the Express Entry pool.
  • Candidates who receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence must submit a complete electronic application within 60 days.

Submit an Application for Permanent Residence

The final step requires submitting forms, documents, and fees to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. In addition to the required forms, you must provide documents to support the information in your Express Entry profile and application. It includes:

●          A valid passport
●          Proof of funds
●          Educational credential assessments
●          Language test results in Job offers from Canadian employers
●          Provincial nomination certificate

Collecting Essential Documents for Application Submission

To submit an application for permanent residence through Express Entry, you must gather several documents to prove your eligibility.

●          Identity and Relationship Documents
●          Language Test Results
●          Education Credentials
●          Job Offer
●          Funds for Settlement

Undergo Medical Examinations

You must undergo mandatory medical examinations to obtain permanent residence in Canada through Express Entry.

●          Find an Authorised Physician
●          Provide Medical History
●          Undergo Physical Exam and Testing
●          Obtain Medical Certificates

Submit Proof of Settlement Funds

To be invited to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through Express Entry, you must provide proof that you have enough money to settle in Canada. It is known as your settlement funds.

●          Calculate Your Settlement Funds
●          Provide Evidence of Your Funds
●          Transfer Your Funds


By adhering to these meticulous and conscientious five steps, you can significantly enhance your prospects of receiving an invitation to apply for enduring habitation in Canada via the esteemed Express Entry framework. While undertaking this process demands time, grit, and unwavering determination, the ultimate gratification of attaining a coveted position as a permanent resident in one of the most welcoming nations for immigrants globally will undeniably validate the exertion invested.