Immigrating as A Provincial Nominee Through Express Entry in 2022: A Guide

Immigrating As A Provincial Nominee Through Express Entry In 2022: A Guide

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Canada Express Entry Draw has been key in managing immigrants who have applied through Express Entry. With Express Entry being the system, that Canada has used over the years to help immigrants into the country, it has become overloaded with applicants and nominees as well. However, Express Entry deals with several major economic areas of the country when selecting people eligible for immigration. Entering the system as a provincial nominee is one area that falls under the system.

Before we get into how you can immigrate as a provincial nominee, understanding some keywords is a must.

Express Entry: As mentioned above, this is a system that Canada uses to manage and welcome immigrants into the country based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Provincial Nominee Programs: These programs help nominate people who have potential in contributing to the economy and development of the country. Different provinces will target different sectors including skilled labourers, students, business people and others. Those nominated but the program is then the “provincial nominee”

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS): Getting a higher score means being ranked higher in the system which in turn means a better chance at being approved by the Express Entry program. This score is based on age, health, education, language proficiency and other human skills and factors.

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Now that these terms are clear, it will be easier for you to go through the steps on how to immigrate as a provincial nominee through Express Entry.

What About the Canada PNP Programs 2022?

Canada PNP Programs 2022 will be the last of its kind according to the government. In the early part of 2023, there will be new guidelines added to the existing program. However, one constant will be the Canada Express Entry Draw which was implemented by the government in the past to deal with the overflow of provincial nominees and other applicants.

Getting Into the System

There are Two Ways to Get into the Canada PNP Programs 2022.

  1. You can contact the province or territory you are interested in and apply for nomination. If the province or territory then agrees to nominate you, you have to mention this in your Express Entry profile. 
  1. You can create an Express Entry profile and select the provinces or territories you are interested in. When you receive a 'notification of interest' from any province, you can then contact them directly.
Canada Express Entry Draw will only be applicable if you follow the correct steps to register yourself. An Express Entry profile is also a must. Your CRS score can be raised even after your profile has been created so an initial low score will not be a hindrance.

The process has been simplified but the criteria will be raised in 2023 for all new applicants and immigrants.