How Do I Move to Australia from Dubai?

How Do I Move To Australia From Dubai?

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Choosing to relocate to Australia from Dubai is a rational decision, as Australia is a great area to live and work for qualified migrants. Many competent professionals worldwide come to Australia in search of a new career and a new way of life here. The ideal conditions for newcomers to settle in Australia include a well-organized immigration system and a variety of visa categories, a strong economy, a stable political system, high living standards, and clearly defined rights and benefits for permanent residents and temporary skilled workers.

How Can You Immigrate to Australia?

There are several ways to immigrate to Australia from the United Arab Emirates. However, the following are the most common ones. Among them are:
  • Business Migration 
  • Family Stream Permanent Residence 
  • Employer Nominated Migration 
  • Australia Skilled Migration 
  • Work Stream Permanent Residence 
  • Investment Stream Permanent Residence 
  • Australian Permanent Residency pathways for Australia PR Visa

Visa Application Process

  1. To Begin, You'll Need to be on a List of Skills Shortage

The Australian government publishes a list of talents and jobs that the government considers in demand. If your expertise is on the list, you are qualified to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category.
  1. You Must Have a Sufficient Number of Points in the Points Calculation.

Based on a variety of factors, points will be awarded. These include employment experience, age, occupation or trade, and English language competence. You can also receive points if:
  • Australia is a place you've previously worked or studied.
  • You have a close family member living in Australia at the moment.
  • State officials sponsor you because they need somebody with your particular abilities.
  1. Skill Assessment

Your skills will be examined based on your work experience and post-secondary academic background by the appropriate assessment authorities. You will only continue to the next stage if you have received positive comments.

Move to Australia from Dubai
Logging your EOI or Expression of Interest puts you in the running to be invited to apply for a visa once you meet the requirements for immigration. Acceptance of your EOI could take anything from four to eighteen months. You can hire Australia Visa Consultants UAE. This is surely going to simplify your procedure. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

A minimum score of 65 points is generally required for an Australian work visa for immigration to Australia. There are better chances for Australian immigration with an Australia PR visa if your score is between 80 and 85. A person's age, education, qualifications, work experience, and adaptability are considered while calculating the score. There are lots of Australian immigration consultants Dubai. You can look for them, and they can help you with it.
  • A minimum of 65 points on the Points Grid is required.
  • Age: Under the age of 45
  • PTE score of 50 or an IELTS score of 6 is required for English competence (in each component)
  • Australia's certified authority conducts skill evaluations.
  • In Australia's Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List, the occupation should be included (PMSOL)

Immigrants find it easier to integrate into Australian society because most of the population is fluent in English. Thanks to the country's immigrant-friendly community, people who come to Australia will immediately feel at ease and at home. Immigrants find it easier to integrate into Australian society because most of the population is fluent in English. People who move to Australia feel at home as soon as they arrive because of its welcoming community.