How can I immigrate to Poland from the UAE?

How Can I Immigrate To Poland From The UAE?

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Poland, part of the European Union (EU) and Schengen area, has seen a gradual increase in foreigners applying for Poland immigration in recent years. If you wish to relocate, immigrate to Poland without job offer or are ready to obtain a work permit for immigration to Poland from UAE or other countries, then you will need a Visa to legalise your stay. To get a visa without any problem, Poland immigration consultants in Dubai are always ready to assist and guide you. 

List of Professionals That Majorly Migrate to Poland on A Work Permit

If you are a professional among the following, you can easily immigrate from UAE to Poland. 
  • Administrator manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Assistant
  • Chefs
  • IT specialists
  • Computer Administrator 
  • Semi-skilled professionals in transport, construction, etc.
  • Software Engineers
  • Managers or workers in the automobile or hospitality sector.
  • Marketing manager.

Why Choose to Migrate to Poland as a Skilled Worker?

For those people who are searching for a place where they can get their livelihood easily and live in more comfort and peace, Poland is a better option for them. It is the most attractive place to work and begin a good life. The Skilled workers in Poland are always in demand for work due to:
  • The vacancies are there due to a shortage of skilled and qualified people.
  • The unemployment rate is very low in this country.
  • The salaries paid to the skilled workers are more than enough to run their families.
  • Country provides a peaceful comfort zone for skilled workers.
  • The country provides life insurance, better health care and tax benefits.

How to Migrate to Poland?

Among various professionals and skilled workers, the popularity of Poland immigration is increasing day by day. There are five work permit types through which you can immigrate to Poland without job offer for work purposes. The granted work permit is for a fixed duration of fewer than 3 years. However, on a special request, it can be extended up to 5 years. 

Immigrate to Poland from UAE

Type A

The type A work permit enables you to perform permanent or temporary job placement at one employer, regulating the work from the territory of Poland. There will be no commitments with regard to your housing status. 

Type B

The type B work permit is a temporary residence permit valid for 6 to 12 months and enables foreigners to work in Poland.

Type C

The work permit Type C gives a residence card to workers that allow them to reside and work in Poland for 12 months. This type is the most popular in Poland. 

Type D

The work permit type D is provided to those workers who are registered in the commercial register and have an employment agreement with a company. This type is valid for 3 years.

Type E

The type E work permit is the rarest work permit issued to foreign workers. This type is desired by employers pursuing workers from outside of Poland and the European Union. This type encloses all the characteristics of Poland immigration which doesn’t fall under A-D work permit types.