What is the Difference Between Legal and Paralegal Assistant?

What Is The Difference Between Legal And Paralegal Assistant?

By: Emily Wilson

Are you looking to start your visa process and need to hire legal personnel for a smooth visa process? There is confusion between a legal and a paralegal assistant. To break it down, a legal assistant does not require a licence to undertake administrative work along with legal work while the work of a paralegal focuses on legal work and assists lawyers.  Both of these assistants require an in-depth understanding of legal terms and procedures. Both of them can speed up your visa or any other type of legal processing. 

What is a Paralegal Assistant?

A person who has studied a specialised legal education program and has a licence to undertake paralegal activities is commonly known as a Paralegal assistant. They require a college degree in the same field. Most paralegals are specialised in particular sectors. The responsibility also varies with the sector and to hire a Paralegal assistant for a visa you need to visit a legal visa counsel.

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Responsibilities of Paralegals

They mostly support cases with technical resolutions. Paralegals are more involved with legal work. Here is a list of the responsibilities that a paralegal assistant has:
●    Conduct interview
●    Maintain contact with client.
●    Attend legal processes.
●    Do legal research.
●    Draft important case documents
●    Bill clients
●    Fill out petitions with opposition lawyers.
●    Summarise interrogatories and testimonials.
●    Document proofs and demonstrating them.

Paralegals are not authorised to work in courts or give legal advice. Some paralegals are independent contractors and immigration legal assistants, and law firms typically hire them to handle paralegal work. To handle cases like immigration and paralegal visa work, other organisations like legal immigration consultants besides law firms also hire some.

What is a Legal Assistant?

A person who mostly handles the administrative work and manages the schedule of the lawyer is generally known as a Legal Assistant. To become a Legal assistant a person only needs a high school diploma in arts. They play a crucial role in representing the clients and are also sometimes considered administrative assistants.

What does a Legal Assistant Do?

They are the managers of the evidence and programmes and the timetable of the lawyer. They need to focus on every aspect of the case. They possess strong organisational and communication skills. Their description is quite similar to that of the paralegal assistant.

Here is the List of Responsibilities That A Legal Assistant Has:
●    Proofreading documents.
●    Organising evidence
●    Contacting witness
●    Offering administrative support
●    Scheduling the timetable for the lawyer
●    Collecting evidence
●    Resolving billing issue

Difference Between A Paralegal and A Legal Assistant

Paralegal Assistant Legal Assistant
Paralegal’s research for trials and potential evidence. They do administrative work like organizing and drafting legal documents.
They usually need 2 years of an associate degree or 4 years of a bachelor's degree to become a paralegal professional. They usually don't require any degree. They simply need a high school passing certificate.
Primary skills: Legal research and litigation Primary skills: Administrative support and data entry.

In short, understanding the difference between a paralegal and a legal assistant is very important for navigating legal matters like immigration effectively. Visiting other countries requires a visa and for that, you need international legal services for immigration guidance. So, connect with the best visa consultants (us!) for the best visa assistance and a seamless visa process.