Germany to Open Student Visa Appointment Slots from November

Germany To Open Student Visa Appointment Slots From November

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Germany is one of the top considerations when it comes to students looking to apply for educational institutes as it is known for offering high-quality education.

As per the Germany visa consultants the German missions announced that they will open all the upcoming slots for visa applications via the VFS global offices. The slots are valid for applications that need to get submitted from 1st November 2022.

The same announcement said that the Indian students looking forward to enrolling at higher education institutes in Germany must have economic records or sales.

To get a Germany student visa, you must submit your APS certificate. The German embassy in Delhi has advised students to apply in October for the apes certificate to book post-getting the compulsory certificate from 1st November.

Regarding the Germany study visa, several entries are still on the appointment wait list for the winter semester of 2022. The embassy statement reads that the embassy can't verify who has a valid admission from a German university. All students must register for the appointment only if they have all the important documents.

Germany Study Visa
Students whose studies get supported by the EU-funded or German scholarship for PhD applicants for supervisors who don't make this mandatory document are not compulsory to have this certificate. To get an education visa, the APS India website mentions that test scores will be required next year for students who have not graduated from the previous year back from the program in their home country. But they want to apply to get undergraduate studies in Germany.

There were 2.95 million Students in Germany

The country sending the maximum number of students to Germany is China it Syria and India. China sent 40,122 students in 2022, while India sent 28,542 students. As per the latest data, 1.7 2,000,000 students enrolled at the universities in Germany, and 1.1 million joined universities of applied sciences. At the same time, for colleges of art, there were 38,366 colleges, and for education, 26,858 students enrolled for technology as per study visa consultants.

White shoes in Germany for Studying Abroad?

The student visa consultants suggest that students must choose Germany for studying abroad. It is because the financing here is not a major problem. At the same time, amazing educational courses are available easily. The entry-level competition requirements can be challenged in top universities, but they are not as challenging as in other countries.

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The private universities in Germany are not even 10%. They offer great courses and have a high rate of acceptance.


Above all, you must not think twice before studying abroad, and Germany is your best bet if you want to get the best education at the best price.