Denmark Wants to Change Its Permanent Residency Employment Criteria

Denmark Wants To Change Its Permanent Residency Employment Criteria

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If you are also trying hard to get Permanent Residency Visa in Denmark, then now is the time for you to sigh of relief. The newest Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration, Kaare Dybvad Bek, has expressed hints on the plan to make the visa process easier for workers. In a recent interview, Minister Bek shed light on the people engaged in paid internships and how they should be considered for the Denmark pr visa.

He even expressed how the Denmark immigration rules should be tight but not crazy. In addition, he also reflects on how trainee programs and paid internships should be considered for the work environment. The applicant seeking the permanent residency visa should have worked for at least three years and six months in the last four years of stay. In such cases, only six months of unemployment will be acceptable.

Danish immigration consultants, including minister Bek, are trying their best to amend some of the rules that make no sense to the applicants. He also pointed out how he is not so sure about restoring the old education policy that satisfies the work requirement condition for a PR visa. Just like other European countries, Denmark too experienced a boom in immigrants in 2015, but with stricter policies in providing PR visas, the application rate fell to a great extent.

Denmark Permanent Residence Visa
But now, with positive consideration being proposed by Minister Bek, immigrants can soon expect some relaxation in the strict policies laid by Denmark pr visa consultants. However, not every migrant can apply for a PR visa, there are some criteria that must be followed that are discussed below!

Who Can Apply?

A person can be granted a pr visa in Denmark if he has a temporary resident permit for eight years or, in some cases, four years. Alongside, there are other requirements that must be met like
  • You must have a clean record free from any felony and crime.
  • There should be no outstanding debt in your account.
  • Any person of Danish descendency can apply.
  • You must clear the Danish language test.
  • Must have residence declarations and self-sufficient funds.
  • Applicant must be employed somewhere.
  • You must not have received any social benefits of any kind.
However, it is important to note that your Denmark immigration consultants will grant you exemption from these requirements only if you are a person with a disability or if you are a pensioner or an early-age pensioner. There to more to this process than just knowing eligibility which you must know like documents, processes, etc. It is, therefore, important to reach out to a well-known and reputed team of immigration consultants to ensure a hassle-free procedure for securing a PR visa in Denmark.