Essential Documents Required to Apply for Denmark Visa

Essential Documents Required To Apply For Denmark Visa

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Denmark is ideally a Scandinavian country nestled by different islands and has rich architecture and culture. Due to this, plenty of tourists from different parts of the world visit here. But you need to know that not everyone can freely enter Denmark. You must apply for the Denmark visa and connect with Denmark Visa Consultants.

Who can Apply Denmark Visa?

The Danish Immigration Consultants suggest that you do not need any visa to enter Denmark if you are a Swiss citizen and looking forward to visiting Denmark for work or study. Furthermore, you don't need a visa if you are from a country with a visa-free agreement with Schengen. You can stay in Denmark for around 90 days as an American and Australian Canadian citizen. But you need to know that this does not allow you to work here.

Denmark Visa

Documents Required to Apply for A Denmark Visa

If you want to Immigrate to Denmark, you must submit some mandatory documents to enter the Scandinavian country quickly. If you do not know which documents to submit, you can connect with experts that offer Danish immigration services.
  • A Valid Passport

It would help if you had a valid passport that is not older than 10 years and should be valid for 6 months. The passport should also have 2 blank pages, which makes stamping easy.
  • 2 Coloured Passport-Size Photos

You have to take photos per the Schengen visa requirements, and they should not be older than 6 months featuring a plain white background.
  • A Cover Letter

Denmark immigration consultants suggest that you need to submit a cover letter that states the purpose of visiting Denmark. You must write a letter stating why the immigration agency or the board must approve the application and why you are visiting the country. The letter must be sent to the Denmark embassy.
  • Proof of the Financial Income

Denmark visa application must submit proof of financial income, showing that you can afford to travel and stay in the country.
  • Proof of Visa Fees Paid

Under the Denmark visa requirements, you must pay the visa fees. You can pay the visa fees in the appointed consulate or embassy. You can print the receipt and submit it together with other documents.
  • Proof of Your Civil Status

The civil status shows whether you are divorced, married in a relationship, or widowed.
  • Accommodation Confirmation

You must submit your accommodation proof showing you have a place to stay while visiting Denmark. The accommodation can be anything in your hotel or space provided by your family, friend, relative, etc.


Lastly, the processing time for the visa is around 15 days, and in some situations like the pandemic, it might be extended to 60 days.