Poland to Introduce New National Visa Rules for Foreigners

Poland To Introduce New National Visa Rules For Foreigners

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland declared that the amendments in the rules for Poland visa for foreigners would begin into force on September 7, 2022. The new rules and regulations will establish a new model for the application form for a national visa. This shall only apply to the citizens of Ukraine and Belarus residing in Poland and who wish to apply for a Poland national visa.

The authorities have clarified that Poland new visa rule will not consider every citizen of Ukraine and Belarus eligible for the visa application. People who will be regarded as eligible candidates will include Belarus citizens who are seeking a visa for humanitarian reasons or driver jobs in non-profit road transport or international road transport companies. At the same time, Ukrainian citizens will be eligible if they have a profession as a pilot in a civil aircraft or if they work as a driver in a non-profit road transport or international transport service.

Poland Visa

Not just national visas, but foreigners also file applications for Poland Schengen Visa as the conditions of it align with their purposes. The eligibility criteria for Poland visas differ in their various types and purposes. However, some details remain the same. Some of these are discussed below to give a better idea of the processing of this visa.

Required Documents

There are some documents which your Poland visa consultants may suggest you submit alongside your application form. These documents are mentioned so that the applicant can have a firm idea of the kind of documents that will be asked out of him. Some of these are:
  • Fill out the whole visa application form and sign it towards the end.
  • Submit two passport-size photos.
  • A copy of your passport and its validity for three months post your return.
  • Travel health insurance proof
  • Cover letter defining the purpose of your application.
  • Proof of your accommodation in Poland
  • Proof of your relationship status
  • Proof of payment of visa fees
  • Proof of employment if any
  • Bank statements for the last six months

Visa Processing Time

With new rules amending the whole visa process, the processing may differ for some people. As mentioned above, only a few foreign people from Belarus and Ukraine will be eligible for application. The visa application for them may take 10-14 days to process. However, in some cases, the waiting period may also extend up to 45 days.

Final Words

The new model of visa application for foreigners from Belarus and Ukraine in Poland is introduced by the Ministry of Affairs to filter eligibility in the process. Like any other country, Poland also has its own array of visa types sorted with their purposes. The eligibility for each type of visa is different, but the documentation and the process timing work the same way for every visa.