Easiest Ways to Become a Permanent Resident of South Africa

Easiest Ways To Become A Permanent Resident Of South Africa

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South Africa is keen on welcoming immigrants contributing to the country's economic growth. Are you interested in applying for a South African permanent residence visa? Here is an interesting fact. You must tell the Minister of Home Affairs why you should not be declared a prohibited person or an undesirable person first. Only after the authorities declare you not to be an undesirable or prohibited person can you apply for a Permanent residence visa.

You can apply for a South Africa permanent visa if you are in South Africa on a long-term temporary residence visa. You must check under what category you can apply for permanent residence and apply accordingly.

Foreign nationals with short-time and long-time visitor visas cannot apply for Permanent residence South Africa when they are inside South Africa unless they fall under some special category or exceptional circumstances.

Permanent Residence Visa South Africa
You and your spouse qualify for a direct permanent residence permit based on your work permit. If you have lived for a minimum period of 5 years in South Africa. Dependents of permanent residence permit holders can also apply for the PR Visa Permit.

You Can Also Apply for Residency-On-Other-Grounds, And You Are Eligible to Apply If You:

  • have an offer of permanent work in South Africa.
  • possess exceptional skills and qualifications and hold a critical skills work visa.
  • are wanting to start a business in South Africa or want to invest in an existing business.
  • have refugee status for at least five years as per section 27(C) of the Refugees Act.
  • qualify as a retired person receiving a pension or annuity throughout your life.
  • are financially strong and independent.
  • you are related to a South African citizen or a permanent residence permit holder.

Documents Required for Applying for a South Africa PR Visa

  • You have to submit the duly filled Form BI-947.
  • Your fingerprint set.
  • Spousal relationship proof or a marriage certificate has to be submitted. (if applicable)
  • If applicable, you may have to submit a divorce decree or proof to show you are legally separated.
  • You have to show proof of custody of a minor, if applicable.
  • You have to produce a death certificate if your spouse is not living. (If applicable)
  • Consent letters from your parents are a must if you are a minor.
  • Suppose you have adopted a minor judicial. Proof for the same has to be submitted if applicable.
  • Suppose you have resided in more than one country. Then, you must submit a police clearance certificate from all the countries for one year. Or longer after you turned 18.
  • If you've already been living in South Africa, you must submit a valid temporary residency permit.
Obtaining a South Africa permanent residence permit under different immigration categories may require additional documents. You can find all the various requirements listed in form BI-947. Apply for permanent residence in South Africa to work and enjoy the benefits the South African government provides to permanent residents.