Applying for Open Work Permit after Expired PGWP

Applying For Open Work Permit After Expired PGWP

By: Emily Wilson

Australia offers international students and freshers the best opportunities to kickstart their careers with various options. In addition, the Australian government has announced the availability of open work permits after an expired PGWP program for foreign nationals. It is an excellent opportunity to continue finding stable jobs in Australia and settling your career in the best possible way.

Important Updates About PGWP And Open Work Permit in Australia

To apply for an open work permit, you must go through the guidelines mentioned by the immigration agencies. After your PGWP expires in Australia, you will get an open work permit for a period of 18 months. It is a recent addition from April 2023 that is going to benefit numerous non-resident skilled workers.

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Here are Some Important Updates About Open Work Permits in Australia:

  • PGWP holders get additional benefits related to permanent residency. An open work permit will help you apply for the same subject to particular guidelines and restrictions. People who want to continue working in Australia with an expired PGWP can apply for an open work permit from July 1st, 2023.
  • Open work permits require you to have proof of a stable job in an Australian company. This also means that you must provide documents stating that you are currently working in the company and want to look for better career options. An association with an Australian company is a must.
  • You will get an Australia work permit visa for a period extending up to 18 months, after which you need to renew your PGWP or freshly apply for a skilled visa permit in Australia.

Who Can Apply for A Post-Study Work Visa Renewal in Australia?

To apply for a work permit, you must ensure you are eligible to obtain the visa per the guidelines mentioned by the Australian government. Consult a good immigration agency that can help you go through the details and apply for the same. It is a great opportunity that you must not miss in order to settle your career in Australia. 

The Following Non-Residents Can Apply for Open Work Permits in Australia:

  • Students who have graduated from any university in Australia.
  • Freshers are looking for jobs with effective connections with Australian companies.
  • Skilled workers who have previously worked in various Australian companies and are looking for options to continue developing their careers in Australia.
  • Foreign nationals who want to settle in Australia with a stable job and have marital relations with permanent residents of Australia. 

Explore Exciting Career Options by Applying for an Open Work Permit in Australia

Australia is beaming with opportunities in the technical and non-technical sectors, with several job options to explore. The addition of a post-graduation work permit after an expired PGWP has become even more advantageous for foreign nationals. You must go through the recent updates to make sure that you are eligible to apply and prepare the relevant documents. A good immigration consultant will help you complete the process quickly so that you get an Australia open work permit to explore better career options in Australia.