Your Guide to Securing an Internship in Portugal

Your Guide To Securing An Internship In Portugal

Are you dreaming of studying overseas and want to pursue your higher education in Portugal? Then, you have already made the right choice, with many institutions providing training in Portugal, internship in Portugal opportunities has attracted students from across the globe. Are you considering Portugal but sure about the eligibility requirements, how to apply or for that matter from where to start the journey? Don’t worry much because you are at the right place! Here’s a complete guide on securing an Internship Visa or Internship in Portugal. 

Portuga Visa Rules

What is Portugal Internship Visa?

If a foreign national intends to take an internship in Portugal or a visa for vocational training, then that individual is granted a Portugal Internship Visa, which is issued for a specific period. As an applicant, you can renew your professional training visa Portugal, only after fulfilling certain terms and conditions applied by the government. Note that before your visa application procedure, you must have a formal internship offer letter from a reputed Portuguese organization. 

Fulfill These 5 Requirements to Get Internship in Portugal

Before you enjoy the benefits of training in Portugal, you must meet and fulfill the following requirements to get an internship visa or Internship in Portugal. Have a closer look at them for better understanding:
  • Eligibility 
    To get a visa for vocational training, you should meet the eligibility criteria for the internship you are opting for. In most cases, companies are willing to hire interns who are enrolled in a degree program or recent graduates. In the medical sector, internships require specific skills.
  • Language Fluency 
    In Portugal, many individuals tend to speak English language. But if you willingly learn the Portuguese language, it will be extremely beneficial. This will only enhance your skills, especially in a business setup and help you work efficiently.
  • Internship Contract 
    Make sure to have an official contract with a reputed Portuguese entity because your signed contract will ensure fulfilling your roles and responsibilities.
  • Financially Stable 
    It will best prepare a monthly budget and plan your training in Portugal accordingly.
  • Learn About Culture 
    You should learn about the Portuguese culture and basics like how to meet and greet. 

Documents Required for Portugal Internship Visa

Following are the documents to fulfill the requirements of internship visa or Portugal internship visa: 
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of bank statement
  • 2-passport sized pictures
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) for employed applicants. 
  • Travel history.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sponsorship documents 

Tips to Obtain an Internship in Portugal

Here are some general tips that can be taken into consideration before applying for Portugal internship visa:
  • Identify your goals
  • Inquire at your university
  • Make sure to meet all the eligibility criteria
  • Ensure proper documentation
  • Prepare your application 
  • Stay patient and persistent
  • Look for post-internship opportunities 
From gathering all the required documents to knowing tips before applying for the Portugal internship visa, now you are good to go! Are you still feeling clueless? Fret not and feel free to contact us at Credas Migrations as we will ease out your Portugal visa application process and provide your assistance at every step. Now that you know how to obtain the visa for vocational training, embark on your new beginning right away!

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