What are the Requirements for a UK Spouse Visa?

What Are The Requirements For A UK Spouse Visa?

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Part of the Family visa category, the Spouse Visa is available to British citizens and residents who have a spouse living outside the United Kingdom.
You'll need a UK family visa, such as a spouse visa (sometimes called a marriage visa in the UK) if you plan to live in the UK with your partner (spouse/fiance) for more than six months.

What are the Eligibility Conditions to Apply for a Spouse Visa?

The UK resident and the applicant who wishes to join them in the UK must meet specific requirements stipulated by the UK Immigration authorities to be eligible for a UK Spouse visa. You can hire UK Family Visa consultants. This will make your task a whole lot easier.  The resident and the applicant must be at least eighteen years old to qualify for a Spouse Visa.

The Following are the Additional Requirements for Participation:

  • You must be a British citizen to join.

  • To be legally recognized in the United Kingdom, your union must be legally recognized as a marriage or civil partnership.

  • When you apply, you must have been in a relationship for at least two years (this is to prevent arranged marriages which British law does not recognize).

  • If you're engaged, you must provide documentation proving your plans for the wedding within six months.

  • If you want to join a civil partnership within the next six months, you must provide evidence to support your claim.

  • The UK-based partner must meet the financial obligation.

  • The applicant must be able to communicate in English fluently.

Your joint yearly gross income must be at least £18,600 to qualify for a UK Marriage Visa and remain in the country. For the first dependent kid, the increase is £3,800, and for each additional dependent child, the growth is £2,400.

UK Spouse Visa
You can get it from any of the following sources or maybe a combination of two or many.

  • Pay for work done (including self-employment)

  • Investing in the stock market

  • Pension

  • Profits from renting out your home (if applicable)

  • Investing (up to a maximum of £16,000 in savings)

If you are currently living and working in the United Kingdom, your salary can be used to support your application. If you receive any of the following advantages, you may be excluded from meeting the financial criteria.

  • Disabled Person's Supplement

  • Allowance for Significantly Disabling Conditions

  • Compensation for Workplace Injuries and Disabilities

  • Attendance Allowance

  • Self-Independence Compensation

  • Under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, the Armed Forces Independence Payment or the Guaranteed Income Payment.

  • War Disablement Pension, Constant Attendance Allowance, or Mobility Supplement under the War Pensions Scheme

  • Benefits from a loss of life

These benefits need proof of "sufficient maintenance" for your spouse and dependents if you are qualified. If the UK sponsor does not satisfy the minimum financial criterion, the Home Office must consider specific circumstances. A UK Spouse Visa Consultant can help you match all the requirements and check your eligibility.


Being apart from your spouse or partner can be excruciating, especially if you have children. Obtaining a family visa can allow you to move to the UK with your partner or spouse if you've fallen in love and married someone from the UK.

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