Things You Need to Know to Work and Live in United States

Things You Need To Know To Work And Live In United States

By: Emily Wilson

Thinking about making a move to live and work in the USA but not sure how to get the right permissions? Navigating the work visa process can be a bit tricky, but once you get a handle on what's needed and take the necessary actions, your dream of legally working in America is absolutely achievable. As an immigrant, remember you're adding to the rich diversity that makes America unique. By planning and sticking to your goal, you'll soon find yourself calling the US your new home.

Types of US Work Visa Permit

•    H-1B Visa
  • Job roles that necessitate a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a specific field of expertise.
  • Valid for 3 years, renewable for another 3 years.
•    L-1 Visa
  • Intracompany transfers of executives, managers, or employees with specialized knowledge.
  • Valid for 5-7 years.
•    TN Visa
  • For citizens of Canada and Mexico in various professions.
  • Valid for up to 3 years.
•    E-3 Visa
  • Specifically for Australian nationals in specialty occupations.
  • Renewable indefinitely in 2-year increments.
•    O-1 Visa
  • Incredible talents and skills in the fields of science, arts, education, business, or athletics.
  • Initial approval for up to 3 years, renewable annually.
US Work Permit Visa

Eligibility Requirements for a United States Work Visa

Educational Requirements
•    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field.
•    Accredited degree for certain professions (e.g., nursing, teaching, social work).
•    Some visas allow a combination of education and work experience.

Job Offer Requirement
•    Written job offer from a US employer.
•    The position must align with your degree and skills.
•    The wage offered must meet or surpass the current standard wage.

Experience Requirements
•    1-3 years of related work experience for some visas.
•    Preferably gained in the US.
•    Publications, certifications, and awards enhance expertise.

English Language Ability
•    Intermediate to advanced English required.
•    Official test scores (TOEFL, IELTS) needed.
•    Scores of at least 60-80 on TOEFL iBT or 6-7 on IELTS are typically required.

Additional Documentation
•    Submit resume, references, portfolios, and an official job offer letter.
•    Some visas require labor certification.
•    Employer petition on your behalf is essential.

Meeting Eligibility Criteria
•    Ensure education, job offer, experience, English ability, and documentation align.
•    Maximise chances of obtaining a US work visa with thorough preparation.

Things to Know for Working and Living in the US

Job Market
•    Research is key for success.
•    Target regions aligning with your skills.
•    Utilise networking and online platforms.

Cost of Living
•    Varies across cities.
•    Consider housing, transportation, and healthcare.
•    Factor in negotiations and feasibility.

Healthcare System
•    Operates differently.
•    Understand insurance options and ACA.
•    Adequate coverage is vital.

Cultural Adaptation
•    Integral for community integration.
•    Embrace diversity and local customs.
•    Network at events for acclimation.

•    Understand the US tax system.
•    Seek professional advice for compliance.
•    Know federal and state tax regulations.

Education and Family
•    Research institutions and visa options.
•    Plan for family needs and education.
•    Smooth transition for overall well-being.

Documents for Work Visa Application
•    Passport (valid for 6 months beyond the planned trip).
•    Resume highlighting relevant experience.
•    University transcripts for required degrees.
•    Job offers letter detailing job specifics.
•    Evidence of financial support.
•    Additional documents based on visa type.

Finding a Job and Sponsor
•    Search for job openings with visa sponsorship.
•    Secure job offers and visa sponsorship commitment.
•    Employer submits paperwork for your work visa.
•    Cooperate with your employer and immigration attorneys.

Embarking on the journey to move and settle in United States involves a multifaceted process with numerous steps to navigate. However, by meticulously preparing, exercising patience, and maintaining persistence, you can successfully attain your goal of securing a working holiday visa. Conduct thorough research, compile the required documentation, follow the designated application procedures, and be adaptable to potential changes.