Most Reliable Tips to Avoid Immigration Frauds

Most Reliable Tips To Avoid Immigration Frauds

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Experts at trusted immigration agency say that immigrating to a new country can be challenging. Several immigration companies promise to help desperate people immigrate to a better country, including Canada. But in some cases, immigration turns out to be a big-time fraud that can con out innocent people, and they end up losing a lot of money. That is the only reason you should always go for trusted immigration consultants.

Some of the Most Reliable Tips to Avoid Immigration Fraud

Do not Get Carried Away by Titles

Trusted visa consultants suggest that fake and unlicensed immigration consultants mainly use different titles with different meanings, and the names generally confuse the applicant. For example, some people use notaria which is nowhere connected to Notaire du Quebec. Additionally, the title does not give the individual any authority to provide immigration advice. At the same time, immigration consultants would be banned from using designations, including immigration lawyers.

Trusted Visa Consultants
Lawyers licensed by the Law Society are wholly authorized to represent you in some type of immigration application review and appeal. Immigration consultants that are registered with ICCRC can help immigration candidates. But they are immigration consultants instead of lawyers, so they cannot represent a client before any federal court. Registered immigration agents are your go-to option if you want to immigrate to a foreign country because they will guide you the right way.

Check out the Credentials of the Diploma Holder

A person holding just a diploma is not licensed to provide immigration advice. They should be registered with ICCRC to do the job. The applicant can verify the immigration consultant on the official website. They can check the name of the registered immigration consultants, and the status should be active. It indicates that they can guide you well through the immigration process. If the status is suspended, they are not authorized to provide you with any immigration service. It is always good to hire an immigration lawyer so that the chances of fraud are rare.

Ensure You Sign A Retainer Contract

Some reliable immigration consultants provide you with immigration-related services for a stipulated fee. Both client and the lawyer must sign the contract, and the absence of such a contract would be a red flag.

Do not Sign any Contract with any Entity Except the Lawyer

The ICCRC approved immigration consultants suggest you always send the agreement to the immigration lawyer.

Never Sign any Blank form or Others with Wrong Information

You should not sign any blank form. You should only sign a document, which is complete and accurate in all aspects, and also, it should include truthful information. If someone has filled up the form, you must go through the details carefully because you are responsible for all the information in that form.

Hence these are some tips you must know about to avoid immigration fraud which can save you from any difficulties in the future.