How to Apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

How To Apply For Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

By: Emily Wilson


Explore the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program for a speedy transition to Canada's Atlantic provinces. A streamlined process allows employers to hire foreign workers, offering a direct path to permanent residence. Secure a job offer, meet minimum requirements, and submit your application for a straightforward journey to living and working in Atlantic Canada.

What Is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is a Canadian program that aims to solve labour shortages in the Atlantic provinces, which include New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. This Canadian immigration program helps employers in these provinces hire skilled immigrants and international graduates from other countries.
  • Eligibility and Requirements: To be eligible for Canadian permanent residence under the Canada AIPP, applicants must secure a valid job offer from a designated employer. The offer should be for full-time, non-seasonal work, meeting prevailing wage rates. Additionally, applicants need to meet minimum language requirements and other specified criteria.
  • Application Process: The Canada AIPP application process involves two stages. Firstly, applicants must obtain an endorsement from a designated employer, who assesses skills and experience to ensure alignment with job requirements. If endorsed, the employer issues an offer of employment. Secondly, applicants apply for permanent residence, with the job offer and endorsement. 
  • Benefits and Outcome: Successful candidates, along with their family members who rely on them, attain Canadian permanent residency, which opens up a potential avenue for obtaining Canadian citizenship. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is designed not only to meet the employment demands of businesses in Atlantic Canada but also to present skilled foreign workers and international graduates with a valuable chance to fulfil their aspirations of relocating to Canada.
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

AIPP Eligibility in a Nutshell

To qualify for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Education and Work Experience: Possess a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent, with at least one year of recent work experience in eligible occupations.
  • Language Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in English or French at a Canadian Language Benchmark level of at least 7.
  • Settlement Funds: Showcase financial capacity with a minimum of CAD $12,960 for a single applicant.
  • Intent to Reside: Express a commitment to living in one of the four Atlantic provinces.

Application Steps:

  • Find a Designated Employer: Secure a job offer from a designated employer in communities committed to welcoming newcomers.
  • Receive a Job Offer: Obtain a valid job offer for full time work in specific occupations, meeting wage requirements.
  • Apply for Endorsement: Submit required documents to a designated employer or settlement service provider in Atlantic Canada.
  • Submit Your Application: Apply through the official IRCC online portal with essential documents, undergo assessment, and await permanent residence instructions.

Essential Documents for Canada AIPP Application

To complete the Canada AIPP application, gather essential documents, including a valid job offer, language test scores, education credentials, settlement funds proof, and police certificates from current and previous countries of residence. Ensure all documents are certified true copies, positioning yourself for a successful application.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program offers a great opportunity for securing permanent residency in Canada. You can achieve this by following simple steps given in this guide. The process may take time and effort, but the rewards of gaining permanent status in Canada and the chance to become a citizen make it worthwhile. If you have the skills, experience, and determination, getting the Canada Visa via AIPP can be your pathway to a new life in Canada. Take the first step and explore this exciting immigration option today.