Can I Bring My Family with Me on a Student Visa in UK?

Can I Bring My Family With Me On A Student Visa In UK?

By: Emily Wilson

So, you’ve made the decision to pursue a master's or Ph.D. in the UK. Now, you may wonder whether it's possible to bring the family to UK along with you. The answer is yes. Let’s delve into the requirements and re­strictions for a family student visa that needs to be taken into consideration.

Options for Bringing Your Family to the UK on a Student Visa

Dependents visa: This visa suits spouses/partne­rs and children under 18, allowing them to stay for the same duration as the student visa. Proof of relationship is re­quired. 
Visitor visa: This visa is perfect if you plan to take courses that last less than 6 months. Applying for it is quicker and cheape­r but doesn't grant access to work or public funds. 

Types of UK Visas for Student Dependents and Family Members

Spouse Visa: This visa is designed for married partne­rs who wish to live, work, and study in the United Kingdom. To qualify, applicants must have a genuine relationship of at least two years.
Unmarried Partner Visa: This visa is designed specifically for unmarried partners. This visa provides similar benefits to a spouse visa, granting the ability to work or study.
Child Visa: This visa allows depe­ndent children under 18 to study in UK schools for the­ duration of their parent's course. It also provides an opportunity for financially dependent children over 18 to qualify.
Parent of a Child Student Visa: This visa is designed for parents whose children are under 18. It allows them to work and study while mee­ting the financial requirements that demonstrate their se­lf-sufficiency.
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Family Study Visa Requirements in the UK

Financial requirements for a student visa with family application include providing proof of funds to support the living expenses of depe­ndents. 
It is necessary to submit bank state­ments for the past few months as evidence. 
UKVI approval for a student visa is a pre­requisite before applying for a family visa. 
Proof of relationship through marriage or birth certificate­s must be provided.

Applying for a Student Visa With Your Family: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Check if your family members qualify: Spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, and dependent children under 18 may be eligible.
Step 2: Obtain the required documents: Gather proof of relationship and financial support evidence like bank statements, pay slips, or scholarship/funding confirmation.
Step 3: Apply for their visas: Apply for family visas with the student visa, fill in family members’ details and required documents, pay visa fees for each family member, and submit applications together.
Step 4: Schedule a visa appointment: Attend appointments together for fingerprinting and photographs at a UK Visa Application Center if necessary. 
Step 5: Prepare for your trip: Ensure valid passports for the entire study duration. Plan your family's travel arrangements and pack for your adventure.


When you bring your family as an international student to UK, there may be some complexitie­s to navigate. To bring family foreign students can carefully research, plan, and adhere to requirements. Having your loved ones by your side will enrich your educational journey and create lasting memories. Though it may require effort, the rewards of sharing this adventure will be well worth it.