Benefits of Getting Permanent Residency in Australia

Benefits Of Getting Permanent Residency In Australia

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According to the recent index, Australia is considered one of the very desirable countries to live in. The quality of life in Australia is excellent, which is why people across the globe want to shift there.

Australia is not only a country of opportunities but also offers a universal healthcare system and a great climate. So, it is no surprise that Australia tracks several immigrants and skilled workers annually. Becoming a permanent resident of Australia offers fantastic benefits, per the pr visa consultants.

Reasons to Get A Permanent Resident Visa in Australia

  • You have the Right to Live in Australia Indefinitely

Getting an Australian permanent resident visa allows you to remain in the country indefinitely. It is the initial five-year term that can be renewed unlimited times. If you are overseas and your five-year grant has expired, you have time to apply for and return on the resident return visa to renew your permanent residence.
  • Sponsor Your Family Members

Your immigration to Australia allows you to sponsor family members to enter Australia on a visa, or they can also get permanent residence. This might be subjected to meeting some prescribed residency and income requirements, so you need to ensure that you are eligible to sponsor that to your family members enroll in Medicare.

Permanent Residence Visa

With an Australia PR visa, you become eligible to enroll in medical care after the lodgement of a permanent visa application. You can get access to all-inclusive Medicare healthcare coverage. Medicare provides free treatment at public hospitals, and you can also access subsidized medical services. It is cheaper than health insurance and bulk billing.
  • Centrelink

The permanent resident visa consultants suggest that residents of 2 years of Australia are eligible to access the social welfare system Centrelink provides Social Security payments, another health associated with sickness, unemployment, and study.
  • Higher Education Student Loans

Permanent residents have access to financial support for the higher education loans program, unlike typical international students and temporary visa holders. It is applicable for loans for students enrolled in public universities. Students can borrow their fees and pay the same amount back post when the compulsory repayment threshold exceeds $46,620.
  • Pathway to Citizenship

Permanent residency provides an excellent pathway to Australian citizenship for those who have stayed in Australia for four years and at least one of those years as a permanent resident. This will come with extra advantages of getting permanent citizenship, such as voting rights, defence job re-entry to government protection from deportation, and access to one of the strongest passports globally.

When an individual gets an Australian passport, they will be allowed to travel to approx 181 countries visa-free. Hence, it won't be wrong to say that Australian citizenship is one of the strongest.


These are some fantastic permanent resident benefits you should know about when applying for a permanent visa.